Premium quality and sustainable agriculture have remained a key focus of TRT Pastoral Group since our first property was acquired in 1994. Today our unique and diverse holdings provide productive cattle and sheep grazing that has resulted in award-winning herds. Our property locations are largely insulated against a changeable environment to provide true agricultural sustainability.


TRT Pastoral Group owns and operates a large scale pasture fed Angus cattle breeding and finishing enterprise on King Island Tasmania. Across six properties, the King Island Aggregation comprises of approximately 21,000 acres. The group also owns and operates seven properties of approximately 5,500 acres in North East Victoria known as Howquadale Station with an elite Angus and Poll Hereford herd. The properties are run on both the Howqua River and the Delatite River.


Howquadale Station in northeast Victoria produces prime lambs annually using poll dorset rams over first cross ewes. Howquadale lambs are highly sought after and bought annually in the paddock by repeat buyers.


The King Island Aggregation is a large scale Angus breeding and finishing enterprise with more than 8,000 grass-fed Angus breeders located on King Island in Tasmania. Howquadale Station in north-east Victoria is home to an elite 1,300 cow breeding herd producing weaners for backgrounding and European markets.